Always misunderstood as Piles. Very painful in Anorectal diseases.

Fissures are cuts in Anus region. They may be deep enough to get healed fast.

Pain during deafecation

Bleeding (sometimes) after motions and persistant pain after passing stools for 5-6 hrs

Cutting pain is felt during passing stools.

Burning and itching at anus region.

Anus region gets constricted due to swelling in anus region.


The main cause of Fissures is Constipation, after delivery sometimes fissures arise as a complication.

May be caused due to the insertion of any foreign body in the anus or after having anal intercourse.


Acute Fissures heal fast in most patients but recurrent fissures take some time to heal.

Mostly in Allopathic painkillers and Jelly application with laxatives are given but in most people, these don’t give results and are suggested for surgeries. But In Pradnya Ayurveda Fissures are treated with Gudpurna Procedure and pure Ayurvedic medicinal treatment, and u get 99% results in patients. In Ayurveda treating Fissures is concentrating on your digestive tract because Fissures are also considered as a digestive tract disease.

Gudpurna Procedure-

Exceptional treatment done for fissures in Pradnya Ayurveda. Its done for minimum 2.5- 3 months within that period chronic fissures are also healed with medicinal treatment. In Pradnya Ayurveda we never suggest surgery for Fissures it is handled with medicinal treatments and Gudpurna Procedure only. We have many reviews of acute and chronic fissure patients having 100% results.


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